News you can’t use cause you don’t know about it

The other day, I’m enjoying a splendid walk down Route 1 in College Park when I pass a group of newspaper boxes. Most of them, not counting the Post and newspapers given away for free, were sadly empty.

One that was full, however, was The Enquirer-Gazette.

Never heard of it? Neither have I. Note this paper isn’t the College Park Gazette or the Maryland Gazette. It’s the Enquirer-Gazette and claimed to cover Prince George’s County.

Now, I read newspapers every day. I really, really like newspapers. I spend most of my day with other people who really, really like newspapers. I’ve lived in Prince George’s County for 2 and a half years at this point and have never heard of this newspaper.

I don’t really have a point here, I’m just confused. How did I miss this newspaper? Is their advertising that poor?

I mean, I’ve checked out their content (which is pretty good, BTW) and they seem to focus more on Southern Prince George’s (the  Upper Marlboro area) than on the areas near College Park, but if it’s circulating up here….

Seriously, I’m just confused.

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