Monday Links

Dan Barry is better at writing than you.

When a banker (!) rescued the economy.

OMG! Puppy Day!

An interesting review of a book by late UMD political scientist/economist Mancur Olson. The book’s basic thesis is that as societies get older, interest groups become more and more entrenched in the political system and become more of a drag on the economy.

High-achieving charter schools are great, but they still haven’t proved their success can be replicated.

Smart Growth vs. Quick Jobs in Texas. The nut graf:

The road exemplifies an unintended effect of the stimulus law: an administration that opposes suburban sprawl is giving money to states for projects that are almost certain to exacerbate it.

Though the road is welcomed by developers, it is bemoaned by transportation advocates who lament that it will lead people to settle far away from the main centers of employment — locking more people into long commutes.

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