Talk about luck…

From the Globe:

LAWRENCE – It might have ended so differently, if Robert Lemire had not decided on pizza for dinner or if Alex Day had not come to the apartment on Haverhill Street for Bible study.

Neither might have seen the heart-stopping sight of a girl in a diaper and T-shirt dangling from an apartment window three stories above the ground, and they might not have been waiting to catch her when she finally fell.

Eighteen-month-old Caliah Clark survived a 30-foot plummet Sunday night and probably owes her life to the two men who ran to the spot below the window and caught her, one by the legs, another above the waist, and brought her, unhurt, back to her father in the apartment upstairs.

“When they saved my daughter’s life, they saved my own life because if she would have been hurt, I don’t know what I’d do,” said the father, 28-year-old Randall Clark. “For them to be there to catch my daughter, it’s unbelievable. Accidents do happen in a split second.”

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