Great Britain and the United States are different, part #8,752

From Jack Shafer’s overview of “genocidal tyrant” Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacking the phones of celebrities:

A police investigation of charges against the News of the World and the Murdoch-owned Sun have been launched, and the scandal has spilled over into the political sphere: The current spokesman for Conservative Party leader David Cameron is former News of the World Editor Andy Coulson, who resigned after the Goodman affair. Coulson claimed in 2007 that he knew nothing about Goodman’s rogue methods. Davies, however, reports that the thousands of phone intrusions took place while Coulson was one of the paper’s top editors.

The News of the World is the kind of paper that puts half-naked women on page 3 every day. It is trashy. Very trashy. And the Conservative (!) Party leader hired its editor as his spokesman? (In fairness, The News of the World does have a conservative editorial outlook.)

The American equivalent of this would be John McCain/Sarah Palin/John Boehner (or whoever the leader of the Republican party is) hiring the editor of the New York Post to be their spokesman. That would be a cold day in hell.

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