G.I. Joe is still American, but may suck

On National Review’s blog, The Corner, John Miller worries the G.I. Joe in the upcoming movie is no longer American:

I keep wondering: Is G.I. Joe still an American? He used to be, back in the day. Maybe the movie will make clear that the 21st-century version is also a “real American hero,” as the tagline once put it. But this is far from obvious. The old logo was red, white, and blue. Now the dominant image is black. Nobody wears green Army uniforms. Instead, the good guys appear to put on silver-plated robocop armor. Joe and his friends look like celluloid heroes without a country.

I wouldn’t worry about that, considering the song playing in the background of most of the movie’s ads is “American Badass” by Kid Rock.

Instead of fretting over G.I. Joe’s patriotism, I would be more worried about the fact that people are already talking about it being one of the worst movies of the year, or in the history of Paramount Pictures:

[T]he film received the worst test score in the entire history of Paramount Pictures.  Lemme say that again.  G.I. Joe received the LOWEST TEST SCORE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES, A STUDIO THAT HAS BEEN IN EXISTENCE SINCE 1912.  Holy mother of God!

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